TREAD has implemented the following tools in order to better improve patient comprehension of the informed consent process and clinical trials in general:

The informed consent documentation was updated so as to better explain relevant concepts with the focus being on poorly understood concepts. They were also standardised to grade eight English (the recommended research standard) in order to further aid comprehension.

TREAD developed a booklet designed to aid with the understanding and ease the process of informed consent taking by the investigators. This booklet also explained the terms used in clinical trials

“What it means to be part of a clinical trial” interactive booklets were put in the TREAD reception area for patients to make use of as they pleased. These booklets explained the fundamentals of clinical trials through pictures, descriptions, and infographic buttons that ‘spoke’ to you about their corresponding topics.

We implemented the practise of playing the CISRP “Why be part of a clinical trial?” video in the waiting room once a day for patients to view. We are also currently in the process of making a South African version of said video.

As well as trying to inform patients within the unit, TREAD also aimed to educate the public as a whole on all things clinical trials. Thus we encourage people to explore Medical Legends, the first South African non- profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the development of medical research and clinical trials.