With the global clinical trial focus aimed at the buzzword of ‘patient centricity’ and the goal of developing more patient centric clinical trials, everybody is keen to be on the forefront of this new era. TREAD has not been stagnant in this regard. Over the years since the organisation’s inception, Professor Lesley Burgess and the unit have been involved in publishing a number of papers which highlight patient-centric topics and issues such as:

  • Burgess, L.J., & Terblanche, M. (2010). Examining the readability of patient-informed consent forms. Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials, 2010(2), 157-162.
  • Burgess, L.J., Sulzer, N.J., Hoosain, F., Leverton, N., Blignaut, S., & Emanuel, S. (2009). Patients’ motivations for participating in cardiovascular clinical trials: a local perspective. Cardiovascular Journal of Africa, 20(4), 220–223.
  • Burgess, L.J., & Sulzer, N.J. (2010). Retrospective analysis of a South African cardiovascular trial site’s patient retention rates. Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials, 2010(2), 163-166.
  • Burgess, L.J., & Sulzer, N.J. (2011). Patient retention gifts in clinical trials – undue inducement or justified motivational tools? South African Medical Journey, 101(9), 640-641

As a frontrunner in the South African clinical trial industry, TREAD has taken on a number of patient-focused initiatives in order to prime ourselves for the future of clinical trials. These initiatives and programs fall under three major subheadings: