1. By participating in clinical trials you will have access to Doctors, Nurses and Dieticians resulting in additional medical check -ups, laboratory tests and dietary or nutritional advice.
  2. The new drug may improve your illness/condition (however these medications are still in testing phase and there are no guarantees that your condition will improve).
  3. Often, you will learn more about you condition allowing you better understanding and the ability to make informed decisions.
  4. By participating in a trial you are making a significant contribution to science, furthering our understanding of medicine and health which may indirectly help others with same condition/illness in the future.
  5. There will be no cost to your participation in the trial and all out of pocket expenses (travelling and meals costs) will be reimbursement.
  6. Remember that it is the doctor’s responsibility to protect your health, privacy and dignity and that regardless of signing a consent form you will have the final say with regards to your participation in or continuation of the clinical trial.